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Bo-Camp, by campers ... for campers

Our mission:
Our mission is to inspire you to fully enjoy the outdoors by developing and marketing smart and beautiful products where comfort, usability and compactness are paramount. We want our products to contribute to turning your valuable free time into as many unforgettable memories as possible.


Every year around 3 million Dutch people go camping. It is the most popular way of going on vacation. Camping has a long history in the Netherlands.  The way Dutch people go on holiday is unique in the world. Especially family camping is very popular. Therefore, many new camping items are being developed every year. Bo-Camp has been active in the camping market for over thirty years contributing to a pleasant and comfortable camping holiday for many campers.

Smart solutions
Bo-Camp is one of the Van Assendelft - Hollander Bogaert company brands. Bo-Camp focuses on the camping holidaymaker who wants to have the same comfort and convenience as he’s used to at home while traveling. Bo-Camp's development team is constantly looking for smart(er) solutions and improvements. They focus on a higher comfort and convenience level and on compactness.

Vacations should be carefree and that’s the main reason why Bo-Camp places high demands on the product quality. In addition to sharp quality checks, our product development team also takes into mind that that our products must have a long lifecycle.

For each camping holiday
No holiday is the same and this also means that the wishes of the contemporary camper are not always the same as those of the traditional camper. For this reason, the Bo-Camp collection is very diverse and extensive. For both the luxury camping holiday and the backpacking adventure, Bo-Camp has an extensive range. From a luxury camping chair, to a very compact cooking set, from instant tents to comfortable sleeping bags. Even a cozy evening with a glass of wine can be enjoyed with the luxurious wine glasses made of unbreakable polycarbonate. The Bo-Camp range includes:

  •  Furniture
  •  Cooking & eating
  •  Sleeping
  •  Outdoor & travel
  •  Cooling & isolating
  •  Household
  •  Tents
  •  Maintenance products
  •  Barbecues
  •  Lighting, heating & electricity
  •  Care & Protect
  •  Garden & lounge

Bo-Camp items are available at many camp(ing) and online shops.

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Van Assendelft – Hollander Bogaert (VAHB) is the leading import and export wholesaler for accessories in camping, leisure, outdoor, garden and sports.

From our central warehouse in Gilze (NL) we deliver from stock to retailers in The Netherlands and abroad. Quality and service are key arguments at Van Assendelft - Hollander Bogaert. This applies to our products, our logistical services, after-sales and marketing.

In our wide range of products many branded products can be found. Examples are Crespo camping furniture and Bo-Camp camping accessories which we distribute on an exclusive basis. Furthermore we distribute a great variety of well-known brands such as Coleman, Campingaz, Coghlan’s, Intex, Varta.

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